Blood Work

by Erik

Movie Poster for Blood Work

Movie Poster for Blood Work

I was never really a big Clint Eastwood fan. I'm not of the western generation, but rather the kids exposed to science fiction - the Star Wars generation for sure. But I've spent many days watching cool films with my Dad who IS a huge fan of Mr. Eastwood - both as a western hero (or anti-hero) and as Harry Callahan, the "loose cannon cop."

Having watched pretty much all of Clint Eastwood's post spaghetti western work now, I have to admit to having become a great fan of all his movies. He's really got what it takes to choose interesting stories and to make very entertaining movies from them. I'm finding myself really enjoying hime as bot an actor as well as a director.

As I'm writing this we're watching Blood Work (2002) and I find this to be one of the most interesting stories Clint's decided to produce. (and direct, and act in as well). If you've not seen it yet, you should. I won't give it away as it's "that kind of movie" so you've been forewarned.

I have to say, choosing Jeff Daniels was a master stroke. He's been so pigeon holed as a "comedic" actor, and the truth is he's anything but. His range is utterly fantastic and I'm glad Clint knew that and chose to make full use of his talents.

Paul Rodriguez is also just a blast in this film. As he himself states, "he's a guy with a chip on his shoulder...a corn chip, as he's hispanic..." The initial scene with Clint, the cops, and the krispy kreme donuts is simply perfect.

The bottom line is this - if you haven't seen blood work, get your hands on a copy and I guarantee you a wonderful movie going experience!

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