Creature Double Feature

by Dan Q.
(Ipswich Ma.)

Creature Double Feature Broadcast Logo

Creature Double Feature Broadcast Logo

I used to watch creature double feature every Saturday afternoon on Channel 56. I could hear my Mom laugh from the other room when she would hear me shout, "Oh my God!" when a scary part was going on. For me it was better than Saturday morning cartoons.

(Erik's Addendum...)
One of the scariest things about Creature Double Feature was the sound. This is true for horror in general of course, but I particularly remember Creature Double Feature, as well as another Saturday Morning Constant called "Chiller" which had extremely eerie theme songs. I'd love to post links here if I can find them somewhere out in cyberspace.

When I was searching for these awesome clips from YouTube, there was some discussion as to who the voice was (on the bottom clip) and if it could be Dale Dorman's. Dale was a fixture at channel 56, as well as more than a few Boston radio stations at this time. I basically remember growing up with his voice on the radio. (and AM was the MUSIC choice back then!)

In any case, this is most definitely, and without a shadow of doubt, Dale Dorman's dulceth tones on this clip. Please trust me, as I have ears like a hawk, and I would never miss Dale's cool voice.

Thanks Dan for the VERY cool contribution! it's ESPECIALLY cool at this Halloween-esque time.


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