"What is it about Film Actors that Drives a Story?"

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Film Actors are truly the vehicle that drives a story. Without them let’s face it, we’d have no stories to love and enjoy. I find it funny that some actors refer to their craft as "professional lying" and this may be an accurate portrayal. (pun intended, of course) We need folks who can get in front of the camera, or on stage and bring written characters to life. The entire process, from conception, to writing, to realization makes it possible for all of us as movie fans to lose ourselves in the narrative. It's only when a particular actor is stiff, or not well cast, that what's behind the curtain is revealed, and we're faced with the real wizard.

My favorite film actors are the ones who quickly fade into their characters. They’re so great at their craft you forget the actor and become completely engrossed in the character they’re playing. For me, this is simply what makes any story tick. I just adore being able to enter a theater, sit down and become someone else for almost two hours. A great friend of mine commented just the other day that when he goes to a movie and he feels like he's only been in the theater for 15 minutes, THAT is a great film experience.

Meryl Streep
I’m sure this is very subjective and different for everyone, but for me Meryl Streep is a fantastic example of a supreme veteran film actor. No matter what role I see her in I quickly forget it’s Meryl I’m watching. She effortlessly blends into her character, and I'm 100% involved with the story because of her immense acting talent and experience. All I can say is "thank you Meryl" for bringing these great ideas to life on the screen for all of us.

Ben Affleck Films
Another one of my favorite film actors, thanks to my adoration for writer/director Kevin Smith and all his films, would be Ben Affleck. I'm truly a fan of Ben Affleck Films. Don't forget, he and collaborator Matt Damon achieved an Academy Award at a very early age for writing "Good Will Hunting." Not many folks can claim that sort of an achievement, and especially at so young an age. Regardless of how you may feel about his raw acting ability, he's a filmmaking force to be reckoned with all the same. In fact he's working on a New England based film right now that's looking to be a big hit. Obviously, not all of his films have been a huge success, but many of them are very entertaining and I for one am very glad he's in this business and doing well.

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Film Actor Tom Cruise
(A Well Loved American Film Actor)

Tom Cruise Films
I'm also a fan of Tom Cruise Films. I'm not even a big action fan, and many of Tom's film can be categorized as action, or a sub-genre of action, but nevertheless he's always been one of my favorites. I know his personal life has caused him some trouble of late, with all the talk of his "uber" scientology faith, but that's his deal, and I'd prefer to think of him as an actor who picks great projects. I can only think of a few Tom Cruise films I don't enjoy, so in my book he's picking winners for the most part.

Jack Black
Just recently I added a page to our site about another favorite, Jack Black. If you'd like to read about his crazy career please pop over and check him out. I've been a fan of Jack Black for many years now, and I'm not sure but I think I first caught his act in "High Fidelity" with John Cusack. I suppose this could be considered one of his "breakout" roles, but for me the performance is typically him - zany, crazy, energetic and funny as hell.

Something interesting about our favorite actors – they become stars, or celebrities as a result of their profession. This can be especially fun on Oscar night and similar celebrations, but sometimes it can be a little distracting to a movie.

Another phenomenon with actors is dying young due to very risky lifestyles. You can imagine the time and money freedom had at such a young age – and how tempting that would be for many folks.

For me, celebrities such as James Dean, River Phoenix, John Candy, John Belushi and Heath Ledger immediately come to mind. In the case of Mr. Ledger, his performance as “The Joker” in “The Dark Knight” clarifies how huge and tragic a loss this is when it happens.

The Twilight Saga Ensemble
Some young new actors I'm currently checking out are the Twilight Saga actors, namely Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. I've recently started checking these upcoming folks out, and I'm actually liking what they have to offer. I have to be honest, I'm more attracted to their non-Twilight performances, as they seem to be choosing interesting projects to support.

Michael Cera
What is it we love so much about Canadian film actors? Is it the cold weather? Or maybe it's the quiet embrace of both French and English in that beautiful country. One such Canadian film actor I'm particularly interested in these days is Michael Cera. I first noticed him in his portrayal of Paulie Bleeker in "Juno" with Ellen Page, and I can't think of anyone who would be have been better in the role. He WAS the character, in my humble opinion. Michael is also a musician and accomplished writer, so I'm sure we'll be hearing more from him as he grows in the Hollywood movie making system.

Even more "Groveling for Content"
Yes folks, at this point it's almost like a favorite game show. Or maybe even like a Dutch uncle, or a Spanish armada. Even the warmth of the sun pales in comparison. I'm fairly certain that even Kierkegaard would find this irresistibly entertaining.

Again, that is all pretty much gibberish (what a COOL word!) but I am pleading with you to consider sharing your thoughts with us on this page. Even though I’ll be endeavoring to add more and more beloved (and possibly not so beloved) performers to these pages, I strongly encourage you to add your own thoughts, ideas and opinions. We've provided a super convenient content submission form below, so please use it to let us know. I truly look forward to the result in such a big big way!

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