Not sure...maybe the Sentinel or similar name

One of the Cool Movie Posters from The Sentinel (1977)

One of the Cool Movie Posters from The Sentinel (1977)

Anyone know the name of a horror film in the mid 60s about a person who was in charge of keeping out the evil in the world by guarding a door. All I remember if a young pretty girl at a cocktail party who got lost and ended up in the basement somewhere and finally became the one who was guarding the door, as she turned, her eyes were clouded with cataracts and she had aged to about 100 years.

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Thanks for posting this wonderful question! Yes, The Sentinel (1977) is INDEED the film you're asking about. It's one of the fantastic examples of creepy/sexy 70's horror at its best.

The film stars Chris Sarandon and Christina Raines, with a wonderful appearance by Burgess Meredith as well. The film is based on the Jeffrey Konvitz novel of the same name.

The film does tell the story of a young succesful photographic model who moves into an old apartment building, only to be confronted with demons in every other apartment. Eventually, she takes the place of the existing "Sentinel" (who guards the doorway to hell!) becoming blind as well, and creepily peering out the top story window of the apartment building in perpetuity.

I first saw this movie at a Drive-In, and I have to admit being a little on the young side to have watched it at the time. It still holds wonderful memories for me, and is certainly one of my all time favorite horror films.

Thanks again for your submission, and please return often!


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