Prophecy the Monster Movie: One Scary Beast!

by Scott Ferich
(Akron, Ohio)

Phrophecy Monster Bear

Phrophecy Monster Bear

Prophecy the Monster Movie was a bigger budget movie from 1979 although it was overshadowed at the theaters by Alien. I remember being scared to death as a little kid seeing it on television a few years later. Classmates in elementary school were all a buzz about the scary monster.

The "monster" is a berserk 15ft tall mutated bear. The result of mercury pollution. This particular monster haunted my dreams for years. It was in a scary class all of it's own.

You see, in movies with really huge giant monsters(Godzilla, It came from beneath the sea, etc..) the monster is so big that a single person was insignificant. In my young mind I figured a person could easily hide from such an enormous beast and it would just pass by. It was just too busy concentrating on crushing buildings to worry about little old me. Safe!

Now this 15ft mutant that's a different story. This thing sees you and comes after you. It just relentlessly pursues you. There is no hiding.

Then again with other "monsters" like the slasher Jason in Friday the 13th, well he was always just walking after you. Although very scary I always figured as a kid that if you just kept running, eventually you'd outpace him so much you'd be ok. I mean go catch a cab or something. The guy's bound to get distracted by teenagers making out somewhere and will forget all about you. Once again safe!

In Prophecy this just isn't the case. This bear, Katahdin as it's called in the movie, well this thing runs after you! It doesn't just stroll down the path. It chases you at full speed. How do you outpace a bear?

So this thing is 15ft tall, wants to tear you apart, can run after you, and smell you out of any hiding spot. And don't think you can hide inside a house because this thing will tear it down to get to you! Talk about stressful on a little kids mind.

These facts made this the scariest monster of my childhood. There was no escape. I'd have dreams where this thing is relentlessly pursuing me. In my adult years it doesn't scare me anymore but it still comes up from time to time in my dreams. Always getting closer...always coming for me.

Now today I can watch this movie and laugh at some scenes, see the fake looking special effects in others, and ponder why a grizzly bear would be in a Maine forest.

There's a lot of problems with the movies but it has it's good parts. The cinematography is very good. It has very creepy scenes. The actors and acting are above average for a monster movie.

Overall, I think Prophecy, the Monster Movie still holds up as a great 70's monster flick. I've read the book by David Seltzer and if done with today's technology it would be a great remake.

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