Super 8 - A Filmmakers Dream Comes Full Circle

by Erik

Super 8's Movie Trailer

Super 8's Movie Trailer

I have to be honest and admit that I didn't know that much about J.J. Abrams, the director/creator of this summer's most wonderful film, Super 8. I guess that despite the fact he's huge on TV, I'm really not a TV fan any longer - and especially anything that is or resembles a reality show. They simply just don't do it for me these days.

The great news is that this very talented and passionate man is now squarely where he belongs, on my list of GREAT American directors who also write. (and well)

The bottom line is this...Super 8 is one of the most entertaining and interesting summer films I've ever seen, and I'm now 46 so I've had the chance to experience a few at least. The truth for me is that I haven't been this in love with a summer blockbuster since Spiderman, and I have to put Super 8 in a much higher class in comparison to Spiderman. For me this is true even if Super 8 makes nowhere near the money Spiderman did - the money is nearly meaningless to me. After all, nobody's mailing out a check to me, so why should I care!

One of the first things about this film that I love is the cinematography. It's generally very low angled (something I adore) and filled with KILLER close-ups. When Mr. Abrams calls for a close-up, he ain't "playin" as they say, and it certainly shows in Super 8.

Also, the characters are a joy to watch - a group of great kids engaged in making a very campy zombie movie with super 8 technology of the time. This endeavor not only reveals the story in a fun and interesting way, but it also brings out some unbelievably sweet friendships along the way. I mean really, there I am in a darkened theater watching a "monster" movie for all intents and purposes - with tears in my eyes. Try that at War of the Worlds why don't ya?

The most important thing I can say to you is this. Run, do not walk to go see this film whether it be on the big screen - or the even bigger screen you probably possess right at home. There could not be a more "must see" film in your immediate midst, so you've been fairly warned and informed at this point.


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